Why Men Love Candles

There’s a common misconception that men don’t like candles, and at The Pine Door, we know that’s simply not true. Candles are typically marketed as a feminine item, which drives men to feel shame, or that it’s wrong to buy them. Or, that if they do like candles, it must be a masculine scent like ‘whiskey’ or ‘fresh mahogany.’. We know the truth. Men, you no longer have to hide from us. We are getting rid of the stigma that men don’t like candles, and we’re going to let you enjoy soft, delicious scents with no shame!

Men like nice scents. Ever heard of perfume? So why can’t men enjoy the relaxing scent of an Amber, nectarine & peach candle? Why must it be a masculine scent? There are several reasons men can and should love candles, and we’re going to share them with you.

Candles are Easy Decor

Candles are a great way to make it look as though you know how to decorate.Trying to impress your date? She probably won’t be wowed by your sports memorabilia, but a well placed candle should do the trick.Our candles come in stylish glass containers that will look great on any shelf, and the beautiful labels will let everyone know you know how to shop for the finer things.

They’re Great for Hiding

Come on guys, we know you’ve been in a situation where your partner or prospective partner is coming over and you haven't had time to do the laundry. There’s no mistaking the smell of your hard working sweat filled fluros or flannies for something else, and she’s going to notice it. That’s where your trusty friend the candle comes in! Light up our Kakadu plum & Bush Cucumber candle before she comes over and you’d never know there’s a pile around the corner.

Perfect for Date Night

Even if your laundry is clean, candles are an excellent addition to date night. A subtle fragrance can set the mood, and the flames create mood lighting that you just can’t get from a light bulb. Not only that, she will be impressed that you own your own candles and they are scents she actually enjoys.

They’re Relaxing

No one can resist the relaxing nature of candles. The slow movements of the flames along with a calming scent is the perfect stress reliever after a long day. You can even light multiple candles to create your own unique scents and experiment with it.

It’s Safer than Air Fresheners

Yes, candles can be a fire hazard, but the dangers of artificial sprays can be worse. Using scent sprays in your house can harm your pets or damage your play-station or big screen. Lighting candles is a way to keep your place smelling great without damaging your gear. Keep the candles in a safe area away from the box, of course.


To sum it up, there are plenty of reasons why men over candles. At The Pine Door, we don’t want to make men think they have to buy the most masculine scent on our website. Don’t be afraid to try the lighter sexier fragrances, we know you’ll love it!

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