Cocktail Candles!! The Best thing to come out of 2021

Never throw away another candle glass again.

Our candles are hand-poured into premium old fashion glasses. After you burn your candle, you are left with a stunning piece of bar-ware that will become your go-to for making cocktails.

Tired of trying to figure out ways to re-purpose old candle glass without creating waste? Being sustainability conscious can be exhausting, and we want to help make it easier for you. When you purchase The Pine Door Cocktail Candle, we give you beautiful soy candles in cocktail glasses that can be up-cycled and are much better for the environment. We also have monthly Subscriptions - The Cocktail Candle Subscription is a fantastic way to enjoy candles sustainably. Each month you will receive a delightfully scented wooden wick soy wax candle. Our candles typically burn for 50+ hours, so it should last until we send you another one. Our cocktail candles will arrive housed in a double old fashioned tumbler glass. Not only will this look dashing on any shelf, you’ll be ready for happy hour once the candle is done. You can sleep better knowing you aren’t creating any extra waste with used candle glasses as you sip your cocktail .

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