Classic Amber Candle Subscriotion

At The Pine Door, we love candles just as much as you do. Who has the time to shop these days? Don’t worry, we solved this issue for you. The Pine Door is now offering a candle subscription that delivers a classic candle from our collection to your door once a month.

Candles are a simple way to enhance your ambience and add to your decor. Our classic candles come in aesthetically pleasing amber jars that look incredible in any setting. The best part is you don’t have to remember to buy more when you run out, they will show up without you having to re-order.

Choosing candle scents can be another overwhelming part of the process. We have all been standing at the store with several scents in front of us unable to choose. Let us take that stress off you and pick a scent without you having to ask.

A monthly candle subscription is the perfect way to treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t buy. The Amber Candle Subscription will also make a great gift for the candle lover in your life.

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